Great Suffolk Street: 'Circus of Tulips'


A busy junction on Great Suffolk Street is tamed by reclaiming road space for large street tree planting

As part of the wider Great Suffolk Street Strategy, the Circus of Tulips project is so called as the new public space created by re-tuning the street is anchored by a beautiful large Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera).

The space is at the busy junction of Great Suffolk Street, Bear Lane and Dolben Street, and sits on the busy walking route from Southwark tube station to Tate Modern and the Thames Path.  It provides generous pavement space paved with stable blocks, and informal seating around the Tulip tree to provide space for rest and slowing down in the hustle and bustle of Bankside.

The project was implemented by Southwark Council in 2013 with support from the Mayor of London and Better Bankside.  The planting under the Tulip tree is maintained by Better Bankside’s Urban Gardener.

Design Team: Adams and Sutherland Architects, Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects.