Great Suffolk Street: Prices Street


A hidden street is repurposed to provide a green breathing space in Bankside.

As part of our wider strategy for Great Suffolk Street, we worked with Southwark Council and the developers of the Hilton hotel to deliver a new public space in Bankside.  Once a narrow street with no pavements, it is now a green back street providing breathing space from the hustle of Bankside.

Within the street a number of birch trees flourish and provide shade in the summertime, while the green roof on the adjacent Hilton Bankside, and green wall on the Holiday Inn Express all complements to this green and welcoming space.

Prices Street is also home to the famous Kirkaldy Testing Museum.

The Great Suffolk Street: Prices Street project was delivered by Southwark Council and supported by Better Bankside.

Design team: Adams and Sutherland Architects.