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Bankside Pop-Up Space

Creative uses for vacant business premises is a win-win for building owners and budding entrepeneurs
Valerie Beirne
Bankside Urban Forest Manager
  • Bankside's pop-up space summer 2010
    Temporary creative uses of empty business spaces brings benefits to land owner and 'meanwhile' tennant
  • British European Design group was one organisation to benefit from Bankside's pop-up space
    British European Design group was one organisation to benefit from Bankside's pop-up space
  • Empty business spaces let on temporary 'meanwhile' leases can help landowners market their properties
    On Cal - exhibition 2010
May 2010
September 2010
Key Partners: 
Network Rail, British European Design Group
Key Outcome: 
Empty business premises brought back into active use, creative space for not for profit organisations and creative practitioners

n June 2010 we launched our first Pop-up Space in Bankside - situated in an empty railway arch on Chancel Street. Pop up spaces provide landowners who are finding it difficult to rent out commercial units in the current economic climate to make use of the spaces on a temporary basis while providing an outlet for creativity in Bankside.   Pop-up spaces bring life to the streetscene, showcases local talent and contribute to the vibrancy of Bankside's cultural character.  In the long term Pop-up spaces can improve the sale or rental prospects of the vacant units.
Our first Pop-up space was secured from Network Rail  at a peppercorn rent for a period of 6 weeks during which time the space transformed into an exhibition space, performance space and office space.  Network Rail have now successfully let all the rail arches on Chancel Street - helped by our creative use one of their spaces!  
The Pop-up Space is part of Better Bankside’s long term strategy to bring a pop up to the area to demonstrate creative uses of spaces and to bring life to unexplored parts of Bankside. We're currently looking for opportunities to use other vacant units across Bankside as Pop-up Spaces so if you know of any potential candidates please do contact us. 

For details of Network Rail properties to let in London please contact John Stevens on 07795 646761 john.jb.stevens [at]

Oct 20 2010