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Green Infrastructure Audit

Extensive baseline analysis of our existing green spaces highlights further opportunities for greening in Bankside
Valerie Beirne
Bankside Urban Forest Manager
  • Ivy hoarding on Southwark Street
    Ivy hoarding on building site on Southwark Street
Key Partners: 
Greater London Authority, Cross River Partnership
Key Outcome: 
Baseline of existing green infrastructure in Bankside, sites identified for further urban greening

A comprehensive Green Infastructure Audit of the Bankside Urban Forest area has been undertaken. The audit, which was funded by the Greater London Authority through Cross River Partnership, has enabled Bankside Urban Forest to assess the quantity and quality of vegetated cover in the area, including open spaces, green walls, green roofs and trees.  The audit has also highlighted opportunities that exist to incorporate more planting and green space across the neighbourhood.

Green infrastructure is a planned network of green spaces and other environmental features including street trees, gardens, green roofs, community forests, parks, rivers, canals and wetlands. Greening is good for business. Increasing green infrastructure such as trees, parks, gardens and living roofs not only makes areas more attractive to visit and work in, but also helps urban areas to be more resilient to extreme weather events - thus helping to preserve economic sustainability.

We're currently working with partners to deliver a number of projects in the neighbourhood which demonstrate different ways that green cover can be increased in the neighbourhood - including green walls, green roofs and the implementation of rain gardens.

Jan 4 2013