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Strategy for Borough High Street

Fulfilling the potential of Bankside's oldest street

Borough High Street is at the heart of an area of huge investment, and, at the same time, of massive pressures. Despite this surrounding investment, however, there is no strategic focus on the environment, design or identity of the street itself and consequently it is underperforming.

Better Bankside’s Interest

Borough High Street has long been a high priority for Better Bankside; indeed in 2010 we extended our Business Improvement District boundary to include the whole of Borough High Street between the riverside and Lant Street. Our members have a direct stake in the future of the street and we want to see Borough High Street fulfil its potential as an important artery within Bankside.

Making progress

To understand more about what is blocking progress on Borough High Street, in 2010 we commissioned a detailed survey based both on quantitative analysis and on consultation with those who have a stake in, and influence on, the future of the area. Many of the issues are long standing ones.

We want to see action, but one of the very barriers to progress is the wide range of stakeholders, organisations and individuals who have a say in what happens here. In the long-term a coordinated strategy is needed for us all, but in the meantime Better Bankside plans to take action on those things we can deliver. We hope that our efforts now will bring a real change to Borough High Street, and will inspire others to join in the shared delivery of a stronger future for the street.

11 ways we can make a difference

We have identified 11 ways that Better Bankside can make a difference to issues that Borough High Street faces. Together they will reinforce improvements to the look, the feel, and the identity of the area.

  1. Regenerating the yards–revitalizing an exemplar yard as a prelude to tackling others
  2. Greening the urban environment – demonstrating the value of urban greening
  3. Phasing streetscape improvements – designing a strategic plan for future investment including s106 monies
  4. Streamlining street furniture – installing space saving litter bins and cycle parking
  5. Implementing environmental enforcements – removing litter and reducing crime
  6. Introducing cycle freight – taking vans off the road and improving access for retailers
  7. Enhancing heritage assets – developing a Townscape Heritage Initiative
  8. Celebrating historic and cultural identity – opening a pop up shop exhibition space
  9. Promoting a retail identity – creating a ‘Buzzing on Borough High Street’ promotion
  10. Capitalising on the Olympics – lobbying for ‘Look and Feel’ funding
  11. Future action – convening, listening and communicating a wider plan for action
Jan 2 2013