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Union Street Urban Orchard

Temporary garden on Union Street brings new uses to vacant development sites
Valerie Beirne
Bankside Urban Forest Manager
  • Union Street Urban Orchard breathed new life into a derelict building site on Union Street during the summer of 2010
    Union Street Urban Orchard
  • Union Street Urban Orchard
    Union Street Urban Orchard
  • Union Street Urban Orchard
    Union Street Urban Orchard
May 2010
September 2010
Key Partners: 
The Architecture Foundation, Wayward Plant Registry, London Festival of Architecture, Lake Estates, Openvizor
Key Outcome: 
Temporary community garden demonstrating the value and potential of empty development sites within the neighbourhood.

The site of 100 Union Street in SE1 was transformed into an urban orchard and community garden during the summer of 2010 for London's Festival of Architecture. 
Designed by Heather Ring of the Wayward Plant Registry for The Architecture Foundation and built with the help of Bankside Open Spaces Trust and an array of other helpful volunteers the garden regenerated a disused site in Bankside and create a place for exchange between local residents and visitors to the Festival. 
The Urban Orchard was also home to the LivingARK, a zero-carbon pod which was inhabited during the period of the project to showcase sustainable ways of living. The site also hosted The Nest, a pavilion created by the Finnish Institute, the Identikit by Thomas Kendal and Tamsin Hanke and a skip turned table tennis table created by Oliver Bishop-Young. 
During the summer months a range of events and activities took place - from volunteering opportunities through to pop up cafes and book clubs! In September 2010 the garden was dismantled with all the trees given to local estates and other community gardens as a lasting legacy of the 2010 London Festival of Architecture

Oct 15 2010