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Alan Camp Architects Ltd

Category: Bankside Stars Construction + Building Wholesale Tagged: architecture firms
Phone number: 
020 7593 1000
mail [at]
About the Business: 

Alan Camp Architects have a philosophy that transcends issues of style or methodology, producing simple, elegant solutions which can be summed up in the three word exhortation, 'make it work.' In essence, it is the promotion of ingenious design as a means of solving problems in architecture, urbanism, development and financing. The phrase also implies a commitment to buildability and simple, robust detailing, and a proactive attitude to obtaining work through a combination of local knowledge and the creation of networks between developers, housing associations, local authorities and fellow construction professionals. Their experience to act consultatively with local interest groups as well as end-users and statutory authorities proceeds from this emphasis on localism.

The practice currently has some £100 million of housing sector projects under construction, with further £100 million plus due to commence over the course of next year, in a diverse number of sectors including office/commercial, education, civic and hotels. In addition, ACA has been appointed to undertake several major mixed use regeneration programmes in and around London.


Better Bankside is proud to award this organisation with a Bankside Star.

Bankside Stars are extraordinary organisations that are actively involved with the local area. Find out more here

They earned their Bankside Star by: 

Taking part in the Bankside Charity Treasure Hunt helping to raise £657.47 for Better Bankside’s Community Partners.

They have also taken part in the Better Bankside Charity Pancake Race where their office helped to raise over £55 for local charity Paintings in Hospitals who have used the money to install art works in partnership with residents at local supported accomodation for elderly people Lucy Brown House. 

88 Union St Borough
London SE1 0NW