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Makower Architects

Category: Bankside Stars Construction + Building Tagged: architecture firms
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020 7100 5550
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About the Business: 

Makower Architects is a new practice, working in the fields of Architecture and Urban Design. Their approach to design, at all scales, is one of ‘contemporary contextualism' and in the firm’s work there is a fascination in both place and history being the source and ‘seed’ of design. Design should grow out of its context - in time and place - in order to fit in.

All projects begin with Research. History of architecture and urbanism are essential parts of ‘Living Heritage’ where the past and the future are inextricably bound into the present and together work as generators; for projects to grow out of, and thereby fit into, their Context.

Better Bankside is proud to award this organisation with a Bankside Star.

Bankside Stars are extraordinary organisations that are actively involved with the local area. Find out more here

They earned their Bankside Star by: 

Makower Architects has teamed up with Better Bankside, to care for one of our green spaces, a little landscape situated in Great Suffolk Street, in the heart of Bankside.

According to Rose Malein from Makower Architects this experience has been a great opportunity to connect with neighbours and the local community, "I really enjoy getting away from my desk for a bit, to simply appreciate nature and to see everything slowly come to life".

I got involved in this activity through Better Bankside's Deputy CEO, Danielle Cohen, who introduced me to their Apprentice Gardener, Veronica Perez Diaz. Veronica mentioned that she was looking for access to a water supply close to the green space, so we offered to help, and everything evolved from there, I really enjoy gardening, and I thought this would be a rewarding thing to do.

Tim Makower and his team are not strangers to volunteering projects, " Tim's enthusiasm for the city and the urban environment motivated him to devise the original 10x10 concept". 10x10 London is Article 25's main fundraising event, it divides the city into a 10x10 grid, the 100 resulting squares are allocated to prominent architects, designers and artists, who create 100 unique artworks, together forming a snapshot of London. These are then auctioned, raising money for Article 25, a UK registered charity that designs, builds, and manages projects to provide buildings for some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

Rose Malein tells us how she encourages other Banksiders to get out there and volunteer, " it is a fantastic way to contribute on making Bankside a great place to be, for me it has been a lovely way to spend sometime outdoors admiring nature, I do think we spend far too much time in our offices and not enough time outside."

Better Bankside could not be happier with the outcome of this story, and we would like to give Makower Architects, a Bankside Star award for their community efforts which we hope will inspire other Banksiders. ​If you would like to volunteer to look after a small patch of green near your office - we'd love to hear from you!

26 Great Suffolk St
London SE1 0UE