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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Phone number: 
020 7401 9919
info [at]
Opening hours: 
April - October
About the Business: 

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is a faithful reconstruction of the open air playhouse designed in 1599, where Shakespeare worked and wrote most of his greatest plays. The Globe's theatre season runs from April to October.

Better Bankside is proud to award this organisation with a Bankside Star.

Bankside Stars are extraordinary organisations that are actively involved with the local area. Find out more here

They earned their Bankside Star by: 

They earned their Bankside Star by: 

Contributing to our 2015 gift collection campaign, Together at Christmas.

Last year’s Together at Christmas proved to be an immense success with 4000 gifts donated and wrapped to over 1,300 people supported by 24 charities based in the Bankside and Southwark area.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre was one of the 60 local businesses to host a Christmas box, collecting a variety of gifts from their workforce to be given to local charities for the homeless, vulnerably housed and elderly people. Each gift donated from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre truly made a real difference to the lives of those in the local Bankside area who may have otherwise not received a Christmas present.

21 New Globe Walk, Bankside
London SE1 9DT