Bankside Open Spaces Trust


What they do: 

Bankside Open Spaces Trust is an environmental and volunteering charity working to provide outstanding green spaces and outdoor activities in Bankside and surrounding areas. They were set up 20 years ago by a group of local residents. Some of the local green spaces managed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust include Red Cross Garden, Marlborough Sports Garden, Crossbones Garden and Winchester Palace.  Their aim is to create sustainable, attractively designed community spaces that support people’s health and wellbeing. They collaborate closely with local residents and businesses to champion green spaces, and their open spaces have won numerous awards.  

How you can help: 

  • One-off team volunteering
  • Regular/ongoing volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Skills sharing
  • Resource sharing

Bankside Open Spaces Trust welcome volunteers from the local community and local businesses to help maintain and improve the green spaces they manage.   

You can volunteer as an individual, joining one of their regular volunteer groups.  Or, why not get a group of colleagues together for a Green Team Corporate Workday, for a fun and different day away from the office.  No experience is needed, you’ll be supported by Bankside Open Spaces Trust’s expert gardeners. 

You can also support Bankside Open Spaces Trust’s green spaces through fundraising, donations, or getting involved in their public events and education programmes.