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Lunchtime Bottle Blitz

Bankside and You Opportunity + News
Part of the #oneless campaign to reduce single use plastic water bottles in London.

Why Get Involved

Part of the #oneless campaign to reduce single use plastic water bottles in London.

London alone drinks 2 million plastic bottles of water daily. The Port of London Authority collects around 250 tons of debris and rubbish from the tidal Thames each year, most of which is plastic.

In just a few decades since cheap, mass production of plastic began in the 1950s, it has come to dominate our lives. A plastic bottle is often used for just minutes or seconds before being thrown away.

While it floats in the Thames or in the ocean, plastic leaches marine-toxic chemicals into the water. Plastic in all its forms is killing marine creatures, poisoning fish and entering the food chain.

Plastic is recognised as one of the most significant and growing sources of pollution threatening ocean health.

Volunteer roles include 

  • In teams count how many plastic bottles you see being used/carried in a two hour window. Data will be used by the #oneless campaign.
  • Awareness raising amongst passers by
  • Competition between teams to see which counts the most

Date: are felxible depending on your group availability.

Timing: Two hours

No. of volunteers: min six people needed for Bottle Blitz to go ahead.

Location: Bankside

sak [at] (subject: Bottle%20Blitz%20volunteers) (Express your interest here) in order to get involved.

Apr 24 2017