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Mental Fight Club's Dragon Cafe

Community Partners
The Dragon Café is the UK’s first mental health café, fostering a sense of community and connections locally.
Borough High Street
London SE1 1JA

Mental Fight Club’s (MFC) main objective is:- The promotion of social inclusion amongst people who are socially excluded from society or parts thereof as a result of mental ill-health, through the provision of creative events which foster social connection and allow for the exploration of mental illness.

It is a unique and innovative creative organisation that explores the journey through mental illness, onwards into recovery and new sustainable modes of mental well-being. It has built a creative and connecting community in Southwark, which draws together and inspires people from diverse backgrounds and mental experience. It does this in an open, non-threatening, engaging, enabling environment, which creates a culture of open dialogue and conversations -levelling for all who comes into contact with it.

MFC’s creative service is the provision of The Dragon Café, which is the UK’s first mental health café -opened in 2012 on Mondays in the crypt of St George the Martyr Church, Borough SE1 1JA.

At a time when more local authority and health service provisions are closing and others are catering only for those who manage their own budgets, they want to make sure the most vulnerable know where they are and the positive changes they make.

“I’m very isolated socially and it’s the only way I have of keeping a link with people…. the days between Mondays aren’t as bad as they would be otherwise.“

The Dragon Cafe could not run their full day of activities plus the café, without their team of 50 volunteers. They run 10-11 different sessions on arts, crafts, dance, theatre, massage and creativity every day, ensuring that there will be something for everyone as well as space for people to just be quietly safe and accepted. The style of the Dragon Cafe - the friendly atmosphere and social activities on offer - are highly valued and improved well-being in a way rarely achieved elsewhere in Southwark.

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Registered Charity No. 1158926