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Momentum Worldwide promote health and wellbeing while connecting with the local community

Bankside and You Success Story
Momentum Worldwide's green gym has linked up with local residents at Sumner Buildings supporting them to look after their playground garden

Better Bankside caught up with John Allison, MFit - Health and Wellbeing provider at Momentum WOrldwide.

What Project Did You Do? We have a green gym giving ongoing support to Sumner Buildings garden committee. Having recognised the health and wellbeing benefits of working in a green and eco-friendly environment we are now encouraging employees to get out of the office and participate in regular Green Gym sessions in the nearby Sumner Buildings garden. Each session lasts around one hour and staff will get involved with tasks ranging from weeding to building a rockery. We’re all about giving back to the local community too so it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

How many people in your organisation got involved? We typically get around 10 people per session but as the weather improves I expect that figure to rise!

What did you get out of this experience? It’s all about working hard and having fun in tranquil surroundings in the heart of the City. A lot of our people spend much of their time surrounded by concrete and tarmac so it’s really important for mental and physical health to get into the green whenever you can. It calms the mind and is a great way to unwind. When we’re working in the garden together you see a different side to people and as everyone is more relaxed there is always a lot of joking and laughter which is good for the soul. On a physical note, working for one hour in the garden can be hard work so it’s a fantastic way to burn calories and build muscle. Of course it’s great to feel like we’re making a difference for the benefit of the local community too.

How did you get involved with this project? Better Bankside linked us up

Why did you get involved? Wanted to do something eco-friendly that would be of great benefit to staff and local residents.

Has your organisation done any volunteering before?

Some work we have done, in essence we are all about raising awareness, having fun for a good cause and also challenging ourselves to do things we wouldn’t normally do!

  • Slept rough for the homeless in Nov 2013 with Better Bankside raising over £1k for Robes charity
  • Team ’lived below the line’ for 4 days in May 15 raised over £750 for Emerge UK
  • Had a team of volunteer for Street Souls’ version of a soup kitchen every other Friday since January 15
  • Red Friday bar to raise money for Comic Relief
  • Given toys to children’s hospital every Christmas
  • Have a class of 25 kids (around 7 – 9 years old) come into learn a little bit about marketing and have some fun e.g. last year we asked them to draw frames for an Frijj product tv advert and present back to their class mates
  • Band nights / Halloween nights
  • Wimbledon themed trolley around the office during Wimbledon (pimms and strawberries)

What other types of volunteering might you like to get involved with in the future? We’d love to get involved with any volunteering that is great for our health and beneficial to others.

Would you recommend other Banksiders to consider volunteering? Definitely, we live in a world where all too often it’s

Jun 26 2015