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Southwark Food Bank is looking for your Support

Bankside and You Opportunity + News
23rd - 27th Feb 2015: Could you be a (friendly) Dragon and help Southwark charity 2nd Chance raise vital funds for the Food Bank?

If your business could support two local charities in one go then sak [at] (subject: Southwark%20Food%20Bank) (take this opportunity now!)

Pitches to local businesses will take place 23rd February – 27th February 2015. 

Southwark charity 2nd Chance works with unemployed 18-24 year olds to give them the qualifications and experience they need to start successful careers. 2nd Chance have partnered with Southwark Foodbank on a three week project In February 2015 to raise awareness of the work that the Foodbank does across the borough and to secure financial support for the Foodbank to ensure its longevity. 2nd Chance are looking for local businesses who would be willing to act as ‘Dragons’ as the trainees on the course pitch to gain your support for the local Foodbank. 

Southwark Foodbank supported 4509 people in the last financial year. Money raised would be used to complete building work on a property that has been donated to them by the council. The old library in Peckham has been donated to Southwark Foodbank but significant building work will need to be completed before it can be used. Foodbank would like to use the building as storage and warehouse facilities for the 18 tonnes of food that they are donated a year. At the moment food is stored in a basement facility which makes receiving and sending out deliveries difficult. The sorting of food is one of the biggest jobs for Foodbank, all food received needs to be sorted into types and stored in correct date order so that it can be distributed to clients. The new building will offer the space that Foodbank need to do this part of their role more effectively. sak [at] (subject: Southwark%20Foodbank) (Is your business able to support them?)

2nd Chance is a specialist ‘education to employment’ training course created to support unemployed 18-24 year olds on their journey to a career. The free six-month career preparation course supports trainees to secure functional skills qualifications in English, maths and ICT (up to GCSE C grade equivalent). With strong links to industry, 2nd Chance secures work placements for trainees over three months and guarantees interviews at the end of the programme with employers from their broad network of employers. Once in work, 2nd Chance graduates are supported with a personal mentor for 12 months as they develop in their career.

At the heart of the 2nd Chance programme are live work projects that develop the ‘soft skills’ that the 2nd Chance employer partners are looking for in their employees. Through the ‘Foodbank Project’ trainees will learn team work, determination, pitching and presenting skills as well as learning about their community and how they can become leaders in supporting the needs of their community. All they need now is the support of local business to raise the money that Southwark Foodbank needs to continue to be a shining example to 2nd Chance trainees of how best to serve the community they live in.

If you or your business is interested in getting involved sak [at] (subject: Southwark%20Food%20Bank) (please contact us. )

Other Ways to Support Southwark Food Bank

Projects at 2nd Chance

The purpose of the six month 2nd Chance course is to prepare unemployed 18-24 year olds to start successful careers. In order to prepare young people fully, they not only need skills and qualifications in English, maths and IT, but also the ‘soft skills’ that are vital to be successful in the world of work. To address this, 2nd Chance have worked with their employer network to develop the CHANCE framework that looks in detail at the six key components required to be successful – to be counted on, hardworking, aware, to never give up, to be confident and employable.

In order to develop these skills and qualities in our trainees we have developed projects that look in turn at each component of the CHANCE framework. Projects are three to six weeks long and in each project trainees work to the brief of a business or organisation and deliver an end product to meet that brief. We have already worked with ASDA to assess their staff’s customer service to 18-24 year olds through mystery shopping, with VSO to encourage more young people to volunteer oversees and we are currently working with the Bingham Hotel Richmond to deliver a pop-up restaurant at our centre in Southwark. Trainees are tracked in their development through the projects and gain valuable experiences that they can use as examples when they are interviewing for work at the end of the course.

The Foodbank project has been designed to develop trainees’ understanding of the needs in their local community and how they can contribute to supporting these needs. The brief from Southwark Foodbank is that they would like 2nd Chance trainees to help them to raise money so that they can continue to store and distribute the vast amounts of food that have been donated to them. Through the project, young people will learn about the need for Foodbank and how they address the need through a presentation and volunteering opportunities at the Foodbank. Trainees will use this information to create a pitch presentation for local businesses to encourage them to donate money to Southwark Foodbank and to develop other fundraising ideas. Our trainees will deliver their presentations to Southwark Foodbank who will choose the best pitch and the wining team will then go on to pitch to local businesses in order to raise awareness and secure support.

sak [at] (subject: Southwark%20Food%20Bank) (Sign Up Now to get your business involved)


Jan 30 2015