Jun 8 – Business Climate Challenge Behaviour Change Webinar (Free)

  • Date Thursday, 8 June 2023
  • Time 9am 11:30am
  • Address Online event
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Better Bankside are promoting this excellent online event, free for all London businesses.

What’s stopping you from achieving your energy and carbon reduction goals? Are lights being left on when rooms are empty? Are you heating and cooling your office at the same time? Are computers being left on over the weekend? How do you generate the mindset and behaviour needed to encourage and enable employees to use energy more efficiently?

In this training webinar, you will learn how cultures really change and how to apply this to your own organisation. Bringing insights from neuroscience and psychology, as well as examples drawn from frontline experience in major organisations, you will leave equipped with ideas and techniques to engage your employees and colleagues to accelerate action towards greater energy efficiency and reduced building carbon emissions.

Who should attend?

This FREE training is part of The Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge, an energy efficiency programme which supports businesses to reduce their energy consumption and accelerates building decarbonisation efforts in London. The training aims to support London businesses to reduce carbon emissions from their building. Businesses based in London but are not formally part of The Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge are welcome to attend.

Why attend?

Emissions from heating and powering London’s commercial and industrial buildings currently make up 36 per cent of the capital’s carbon footprint. Decarbonising the city’s building stock is pivotal to reach the Mayor’s net zero target by 2030.

Technological solutions alone will not reduce energy consumption to meet the city’s net zero target. How people use a building, regardless of its efficiency, makes a difference to the amount of energy used and carbon emissions generated.

At the end of the training webinar you should understand how best to engage employees to promote and take up the behaviours needed to use energy more efficiently.

This session will be run as a live online event and will also be recorded so that it can be accessed as a video.

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