13 July – Bankside Meets: Tour the dark side with Mr Londoner

  • Date Tuesday, 13 July 2021
  • Time 6pm 7:30pm
  • Address Meet at 18 Great Guildford Street
Register using password: Bankside

Join Antony Robbins, aka Mr Londoner, for a tour to uncover the secret history of Bankside – London’s play side.

Historians have described Bankside as the Las Vegas of medieval London. Its story is one of chaos, playful and lewd behaviour – and just a touch of excess. This is where buttoned-up Londoners came to let off steam. Explore the sites of some of the capital’s most infamous 18th century brothels and riotous inns and taverns.

En-route we’ll see street art, lost advertising from yesteryear and discover an array of local wildlife, from bears to the Winchester geese, only discovered in this part of London.


Sign up here using password: Bankside.

You are welcome to join this event if you live or work in Bankside.

This event is part of Play Where You Work.
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