14 December – Plant Club: Micro-greens and sprouting seeds

  • Date Monday, 14 December 2020
  • Time 12:30pm 1:30pm
  • Address online - book through eventbrite
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Join our Urban Gardener Georgia as she shows you how to grow your own micro salad leaves and sprouted seeds over the winter. These are easy to grow at home and indoors, so perfect for the winter and make a fun activity to do with family and friends over the holidays. It also means you’ll have a ready supply of fresh salad ingredients as an alternative to all the delicious but rich food we enjoy so much as this time of year.

Kit list:

If you want to follow along with Georgia during this session, you’ll need the following equipment, most of which should be easy to find at home, in a supermarket or local health food shop, or your local garden centre. You can follow one or both activities, depending on the time and space you have, or take notes ready to try it out yourself later.

Quick and easy sprouting seeds:

• A jar with a lid – similar to a mason jar, or a clean jam or pickle jar

• A sieve with fine holes

• Muslin or a clean j-cloth

• A jug of water

• Dried beans or seeds for sprouting, such as mung, adzuki, alfalfa or fenugreek

Indoor salad gardens:

• A clean rectangular container – a foil or plastic takeaway container, or a plastic tray from fruit or vegetables (3cm+ deep is best)

• Multi-purpose compost – free-draining, or you can add perlite or vermiculite

• A sieve with fine holes

• A jug of water

• An old bowl for mixing your compost and water

• Old newspaper

• Seeds, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cress, mustard, rocket, mizuna, or any other green leafy vegetable

• Tomato or liquid seaweed feed (optional)

You’ll also need some gardening or kitchen gloves, a couple of old spoons, an old cup or glass, and make sure you have a clear, stable surface to work on. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have plenty of space between your computer and where you are working.

RSVP via eventbrite using password: Bankside

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