2 May – Intro to Anti-Racism with Everyday Racism

  • Date Thursday, 2 May 2024
  • Time 10am 12pm
  • Address Online event
Register using password: Bankside

This is a starter course for anyone who either has no idea about anti-racism, doesn’t associate themselves with being racist or those who have just started to educate themselves. During this training session, we will look at understanding racism and what an anti-racism practice is. This session will cover topics such as the history of race, the four dimensions of racism, and terminology including white privilege, micro-aggressions, intersectionality and racial gaslighting, as well as allyship and what’s next.

Outcomes of the session:

  • An understanding of why tackling racism is not the responsibility of Black people and People of Colour
  • An explanation of language associated with racism
  • Increased confidence in speaking openly about racism
  • Support with how to continue your anti-racist journey

We recommend signing up to the follow up ‘how to influence your sphere’ training on 23 May to learn how to be a proactive anti-racist ally.

This event will be held online, and a video link will be supplied.

This training course is delivered by Everyday Racism, an organisation that seeks to educate and provide resourced on being actively anti-racist.  It was set up by sisters Natalie and Naomi Evans as a platform to share stories from Black and Brown people to highlight their everyday experiences of racism in the UK.  It quickly evolved to share education information about language and anti-racist terminology, and now Everyday Racism provides training courses, workshops and educational resources all based around how to be actively anti-racist.

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