20 March – Business Crime Reduction Partnership Launch Event

  • Date Wednesday, 20 March 2024
  • Time 10am 11am
  • Address ARCH 23, 45 Southwark St SE1 0HP (Flat Iron Square)
Book now using password: Bankside

Join us at the launch event of our Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), where you can meet the team and find out how you can get involved.

A BCRP is a trusted and tested model of partnership work between the businesses, local police, the Council, and the BID to address crime and anti-social behaviour negatively impacting a business community. A coordinated approach to tackle the most prolific and high-harm offenders whilst equipping the staff with upskilling training and crime prevention advice can prove beneficial. This entails: 

  • A business-to-business town link radio handset to communicate with neighbouring businesses for the prevention of crime. 
  • A GDPR compliant intelligence-sharing platform (iOS and Android app available) where you can report incidents that happen on your premises, helping in building a case against the most prolific local offenders. The App is called Alert! and will be also a source of crime prevention advice and local updates with good news stories relevant to you.   
  • Training opportunities, crime prevention advice, updates on work happening locally, good news stories, crime reports.  

The first 50 BB members to sign up will get a >50% subsidy. You will be able to register at the launch event.  

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