25 September – Self-Defence Class

  • Date Wednesday, 25 September 2024
  • Time 10am 1pm
  • Address ARCH 23, 45 Southwark St SE1 0HP (Flat Iron Square)
Book now using password: Bankside

Empower Yourself with Confidence and Self-Defence Skills!

The art of self-defence is knowing how to defend yourself. It is not just about mastering physical techniques; it is about enhancing your awareness to prevent danger before it arises. By equipping yourself with self-defence knowledge, you will feel better prepared for any challenging situation.

This course is tailored for everyone, irrespective of gender, age, or fitness level. It will be a combination of theory and basic practical skills. Our fully qualified and highly acclaimed Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor will delve into:

  • The Law
  • Reasonable Force
  • Fight or Flight
  • Pre-Emptive Strike
  • Anxiety and Performance
  • Motor-Learning
  • Breakaway & Self-Defence Techniques
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