27 October – Bankside 2025: Climate Politics – Think Global, Act Local

  • Date Wednesday, 27 October 2021
  • Time 12:30pm 2pm
  • Address St Felix Place, Southwark Street
Register using password: Bankside

Where are the opportunities for local politics to make a difference to global issues? 

There is a lot of debate, critical reflection and political agitation around climate change this year, but it may not be reflected on a neighbourhood scale. We want to help steer the local conversation and scrutinise what climate change means for Bankside over the next decade.

Join a cross-party collection of local councillors to discuss ideas and policy focused on opportunities and progress being made in Bankside. How can politics tackle tensions between consumption and wealth, housing development or tourism and emissions?

Participants include:

  • Councillor Helen Dennis – Labour, Southwark Council Cabinet Member for the Climate Emergency and Sustainable Development
  • Catherine Dawkins – Southwark Green Party
  • Damian O’Brien, Opposition Spokesperson for Transport – Southwark Liberal Democrats

This event is part of Bankside 2025: pioneering a low carbon neighbourhood, a programme of activity taking place from 25-29 October 2021 at a converted Southwark Street railway arch. Organised by Better Bankside and open to the public in the run up to COP26, the arch will transform into a hub for climate action, mobilising active participation from businesses and individuals from across Bankside and London.

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