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6th May - Email Hell to Email Heaven in 60 minutes

Breakfast Briefing: Be the master of your inbox!
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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ever felt out of control or stressed by emails? Get copied in on emails you don’t need? Feel fed up with the relentless demands of email?

Now imagine all your emails were useful; they were all easy to understand and simple to prioritise. How would it be to have a “lean” inbox where it is obvious what needs to be done with each message?

Here’s your opportunity: we have invited the UK’s leading email expert to deliver a highly- practical and entertaining session which can transform your email and messaging practice.

Email hell:

the overflowing inbox 
unclear messages 
"passing the buck” by email 
emails that are hard to prioritise 
people not talking 
too much time lost 
useful messages lost in the junk

Email heaven:

We measure our results and know that typically… 

users save 47 minutes per day 
30% more free inbox space 
31% fewer copies 
65% feel less stressed 
79% send clearer emails 
98% recommend this session

Speaker Bob Hallewell is building a revolution in how people use email. He is an expert and entertaining international facilitator with an established reputation. For the last 13 years he has specialised in changing email cultures in hundreds of organisations, for tens of thousands of people both in the UK and abroad. He is the leading producer of email culture change in the UK, possibly the world.

This event is open to Better Bankside member businesses. If you're not sure if your organisation is a member, please give us a call on 0207 928 3998.

Jan 23 2015