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6th November - Retaining staff value throughout illness

Avoid losing team expertise through simple adjustments in the workplace
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

18 Great Guildford St

18 Great Guildford St

Experienced staff is a core asset for all organisations - you have invested time and resources to ensure they deliver the expertise that helps your organisation thrive. However, when a valued staff member is absent intermittently it can be very damaging for your business. Uncertainty of when deadlines can be met and re-allocating crucial projects can be disruptive to work flow and adds greater stress to the team.  Supporting workers with mild and moderate illnesses can require specialist help. Occupational therapists are allied health professionals whose training focuses on helping people to continue to work and perform effectively in their employment.  

Come to this free breakfast briefing delivered by Jain Holmes, one of the country’s leading occupational therapists and an expert in vocational rehabilitation. She will offer practical steps to employers on how to deal with mild and moderate, mental and physical, illness.

When a staff member develops a wellness problem, Occupational Therapy is a highly accessible service that offers advice on:

• What employers are expected to do to fulfil their obligations to staff

• What the employee can and can’t continue to do as a result of their illness

• What is needed to enable the employee to continue working safely and effectively

• What the employee’s progress could look like over time

Occupational Therapists deal with all wellness issues, including; depression, stress, anxiety, repetitive strain injury, musculoskeletal problems and much more.

Relevant for HR, health and safety coordinators, occupational health departments, or managers who want effective policies for the eventuality of staff illness. Sign up now to find out more about Best Practice in staff illness.

Sep 26 2013