Collective Drawing Event: Shakespeare

  • Date Sunday, 7 August 2022
  • Time 1pm 4pm
  • Address Falcon Point Piazza

“I looked toward Birnam, and anon methought the wood began to move.”  – A Collective Drawing

A nervous messenger came to tell Macbeth that the prophecy of his defeat is coming true, impossibly he has seen Birnam Wood moving slowly up the hill towards them. A whole forest has been felled and used as camouflage for an approaching army.

400 years later and most of our forests are gone, so join artist Alice Clarke on Sunday at Falcon Point Piazza (SE1 9JH) to help us draw and paint the felled Birnam Wood onto the square.

Once the drawing is complete visitors will be able to wonder through the remains of our imagined forest in memory of the natural landscape we once had.

No experience or expertise required, just bring yourselves. Suitable for anyone aged 8yrs and over.

Drop in anytime between 1-4pm, FREE

This event is part of the Bankside Shakespeare Art Trail  #Globe25


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