Fresh Start 6 Sept: Coffee tasting with The Gentlemen Baristas

  • Date Wednesday, 6 September 2023
  • Time 5:30pm
  • Address The Gentlemen Baristas, 63 Union Street, Borough, London. SE1 1SG
Register using password: Bankside

Cupping coffee is The Gentlemen Baristas way to find out what flavours have developed within the coffee during roasting and resting. Every single coffee GB produce goes through this process prior to being labelled and put into bags. They complete this with their head roaster, head of production, and anyone else who wishes to join in from their teams. It does take a bit of pallet training to get to the top level of this process, imagine notes of wine, very similar. They have recently stopped putting their flavour notes on the bags of coffee as the notes differ from person to person, they rather like to provide a little information on how each coffee should taste, for example, their natural Propeller is described as “Fun, Lively & Fruity”. They do however hold house cupping events with their teams, so that they can give a personal touch to the notes that their teams have gotten when tasting the coffee. They’ll get onto the different processes when it comes to coffee, so you and the team can understand what the difference is!

They’ll go through the whole process and they’ve managed to get Roosa, their head of production involved so that we’ve got their expert within your grasp to ask any questions. She’s just got back from a trip to many coffee farms across Brazil, so if there’s anything you want to know about coffee, she’s all yours! Here’s a  link to the “SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Flavour Wheel”, so feel free to share this one, it’s used commonly during a tasting process to try and pinpoint an exact note!

This session is part of Fresh Start September, designed to turbocharge the second half of your year. This free wellbeing programme focuses on learning new skills and reaching your goals. We’d love you to join our other events and please share with your colleagues.

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