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An Alternative View: 'Backside Down'

Our new canvas bags are printed with 'Backside Down' a print from local artist Frank Kiely. Have you got yours yet?

Summer 2013 saw the launch of Better Bankside's new must have 'Love Bankside' tote bag. Avaliable for free at many Better Bankside events these new canvas bags are printed with an image by local artist Frank Kiely. Some of you may have seen it before on the walls of the Bankside Gallery in 2012, or perhaps on the cover of Tate's new 'Speak to Strangers' publication. We love 'Backside Down' so much we even bought a large print for the office! Although the landscape will be familiar to many Banksiders the content is a bit... topsy turvy! Take a closer look...

See if you can spot three famous artists amongst the “anything goes” crowd: Damien Hirst and Joseph Beuys are there, along with Yoko Ono. The Chinese symbols you see on the lamppost suggest balance and refer to the juxtaposition of the silly and the serious that crowds the image. The "Your Name Here" on Tate modern is a reminder to keep believing in yourself but not to take life too seriously. Kiely says he made the picture when he realised he didn't dance enough. Characters do the conga, the robot, the funky chicken, Morris and pole dance their way along the riverside while the disapproving and boring look on with bewilderment. The tree is made of fishes, a cow holds up the bridge and a squiggly monster squishes in. This image says expect the unexpected and have a why not attitude. Life is magical anything could happen so dance and enjoy being happy. Don't become like robots, Lego people or zombee monsters and stop turning your nose up at others, click your heels and dance!

Kiely is offering Better Bankside members wishing to purchase a small or large version of the 'Backside Down' image a discounted price. Please get in contact with Joanna for more information.

Come and pick up a bag for free at one of our upcoming events.

We had the bags printed by a member of ours based on Park Street, Brightside Print & Design Ltd.

Created Aug 27 2013