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Bankside Building Intruder Apprehended by Better Bankside Wardens

Warden team prevents serious injury to Bankside employee

The Better Bankside wardens proved themselves once again last week, as two of the team, Ediz Enver and Omer Altaf, were called to deal with a male who was behaving erratically in Cathedral Square. The man had been attempting to break into an adjoining business and when stopped by the building security he moved to the square where he threatened to throw himself in the river.

Whilst the wardens were calling up police support the man ran towards a building on the other side of the square, pushed aside the security guard and gained entry by leaping over the barrier. He was swiftly pursued by both wardens who, after tracking his rampage through the building, managed to corner him on an upper floor balcony where he was threatening to throw him self into the reception area below.

They managed to contain the man in this space whilst waiting for the police to arrive. When the building’s Facilities Manager came out of the lift, she found herself face to face with the intruder who once again caused much alarm as he raised his arm and said that he was going to hurt her. The Wardens took decisive action and moved rapidly to grab his arms and by using trained restraint techniques they were able to force him to the floor to control his movement as he was a clear danger to those around him. The police arrived shortly afterwards, and worked with the wardens to escort him to a waiting police vehicle.

The Facilities Manager at the office praised the wardens swift and valiant action. She praised their management of the dangerous situation, telling us that “the outcome could have been disastrous if it had not been for their professionalism, alongside their calmness and confidence”.

All of our wardens are trained in conflict management, personal safety as well as first aid. It was a busy day for them that day, as they were needed immediately afterwards to provide first aid to a contestant in Better Bankside's annual Pancake Day Race.

If you see anything worrying or anti-social in Bankside, call the Bankside Wardens on 0207 525 5846, or report it here.

Created Feb 21 2013