Bankside’s new Business Crime Reduction Partnership scheme

  • Date Sunday, 3 March 2024
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Emma Charter

Like many areas in London with high footfall numbers, Bankside can be subject to high crime numbers. The most common examples are phone thefts, bag thefts and shoplifting. We find it very important to work together to effectively drive down crime. That is why we are launching the Business Crime Reduction Partnership for Bankside.

What is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership?

A Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) is a trusted and tested model of partnership work between the businesses, local police, the Council, and the BID to address crime and anti-social behaviour negatively impacting a business community.

It is managed by Safer Business Network, a Community Interest Company that has helped, for over a decade, thousands of businesses beat crime, violence and antisocial behaviour and reduce its negative impact on our city centres.


Crime impacting businesses has increased by a third in the last year. A coordinated approach to tackle the most prolific and high-harm offenders whilst equipping the staff with upskilling training and crime prevention advice can prove beneficial.

How does it work?

When you become a member, you will get access to:

  • A business-to-business town link radio handset to communicate with neighbouring businesses for the prevention of crime.
  • A GDPR compliant intelligence-sharing platform (iOS and Android app available) where you can report incidents that happen on your premises, helping in building a case against the most prolific local offenders. The App is called Alert! and will be also a source of crime prevention advice and local updates with good news stories relevant to you.
  • Training opportunities, crime prevention advice, updates on work happening locally, good news stories, crime reports.

How much does it cost?

Better Bankside will subsidise the first 50 member businesses to sign up, so it will only cost you £275 (+VAT). Normally the membership fee is £660 (+VAT).

This fee is not added to the levy charge; you will receive a contract and later an invoice from Safer Business Network once we have a minimum of 30 sign ups.

Where can I sign up?

By filling out this form, you are reserving one of 50 spots available for a discounted rate membership with the BCRP. Once we reach the threshold needed, Safer Business Network will proceed to send you a contract and the invoice with the discounted rate.

You can also contact Susanne Nieuwdorp, Better Bankside Crime reduction and resilience manager, for more information or to set up a meeting (in person or via Teams): | 020 7928 3998