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Be part of a Bankside wide artwork, 26 September - 13 October

A mass participatory artwork to reflect the spirit of our creative, bold and independent neighbourhood

From the Other Side, a Bankside wide artwork with you as the producers, invites the people working and living in the buildings across Bankside to give insight into the people behind the windows.

We are inviting anyone with a window in Bankside to share a message with your neighbours and the world around you. Working with the Tate Modern community team, we will be asking a number of well-known artists to contribute and give us some inspiration. But this is very much about you, individually and collectively, and contributions can and will range from the silly to the profound. It is an opportunity to present your personality, make a statement, quote some philosophy or start a dialogue with those around you. Some will be simple single messages in one window whilst others could be multiple messages filling the glass frontages of offices, hotels and businesses. 


For those of you that need a little inspiration for your messages or want to come together with others to discuss the project, we’ll be offering the opportunity to hear from an artist and join us at a series of workshops at different locations. See the list of workshops here and register. Please use the password Bankside.


Thursday 26 September, join us at the Menier on Southwark Street to celebrate the launch of the project. Register here using the password Bankside. 

More about the project...

From the Other Side is inspired in part by a series of posters that appeared between two facing offices in Park Street several years ago. What began as an expression of shy admiration of someone across the street turned into a playful and thoughtful dialogue between the people working in both offices.

The messages you choose could be

- something that gives an insight to the personality of the people behind the windows

- a message to your neighbours or people walking by, something philosophical, an obscure fact, your favourite song lyrics.

We won’t veto the messages, they can be just about anything, but we do ask that there are no marketing or sales messages since that isn’t the right fit for the project. The more original messages the better.

For maximum impact we need as many Banksiders as possible to present their messages in their windows – local office buildings, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, but also residents. Just about anyone with a window. We can facilitate discussions where permissions are needed from your Facilities Managers or Head Office.

We’ll give you prints for your messages to be written on which can be attached to the inside of your window for all those outside to see. We’ll supply clear glue dots to attach the messages, and these can be easily removed without leaving any permanent marks on the windows. The prints will include a hashtag for the name of the project, but otherwise will be a blank white template for you to write your messages. We’ll provide various sizes to suit your windows, A0, A1 and A2, but smaller options can be printed.

Talk to us about how many templates you might need. Use your windows as much as possible – whether you have prominent ground floor windows or a tall building, share your messages prominently.

Display your messages throughout October 2019, but if you want to leave them up for longer, please do.
We suggest using a sharpie style pen so your messages are bold and clear.

Engage your staff and make it a business wide initiative. The more original messages the better.  

If you’re keen to be involved or you have any questions, please email Kate Poulter kp [at] or call 020 9928 3998.

Created Jul 25 2019