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Better Bankside awarded £217,000 to fund air quality initiatives

We are delighted to announce we've been successful with two major funding bids
Valerie Beirne
Bankside Urban Forest Manager
  • Inns and Yards off Borough High Street
  • Inns and Yards off Borough High Street

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a total of £217,000 in funding to deliver air quality initiatives in our neighbourhood.

At Better Bankside we are always looking for opportunities to lever in extra funding, making the BID levy work harder. A £200,000 grant from the Greater London Authority (GLA) has been awarded to implement innovative air quality initiatives in the delivery of a ‘Low Emissions Neighbourhood’. An additional £17,000 was won through TfL's Deliveries Reduction Fund. 

Working in collaboration with Team London Bridge, the GLA funding will be used to pioneer new measures around Borough High Street, enhancing and promoting quieter routes as well as reducing emissions on the main roads. Interventions will include a series of vibrant ‘colourful crossings’ that will animate the streetscape and direct pedestrians to routes with lower levels of pollution. These tranquil walking routes will use the little-known historic network of Inns and Yards that connect London Bridge Station with Guy’s Hospital and Borough High Street. Coinciding with the reopening of London Bridge station, the new routes will alleviate pressures of additional foot traffic on busy main thoroughfares.  We're also commissioning bespoke #BetterAir planted letters to help raise awareness of our project. Launching in summer 2018 these measures will be complemented by an anti-idling campaign and greening including targeted planting.

Five business groups across the city, including two in central London of which Better Bankside is one, have been awarded a total of £1m in funds having demonstrated exemplary programmes to tackle pollution. 

Donald Hyslop, Chairman of Better Bankside, said: “Bankside is a thriving commercial area of London, meaning heavy traffic and elevated levels of air pollution. We are delighted to have been awarded the Low Emissions Neighbourhood funding to deliver a pioneering programme of air quality initiatives focusing on the historic network of inns and yards around Borough High Street. We are acutely aware that we can’t solve London’s air quality issue alone, but by collaborating with our partner Team London Bridge we can help residents, workers and visitors discover quieter, less polluted routes through our neighbourhood.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “London’s toxic air is a public health crisis and I’m delighted to be working with businesses across the capital to help rid the city of these pollution hotspots. As a pro-business Mayor I am pleased to be working with businesses to clean up our air. Targeted local initiatives, such as Low Emission Neighbourhoods, are a great weapon in the fight against air pollution and this action we are taking is vital for safeguarding London’s health.”

Better Bankside has been awarded a further £17,000 through the TfL Deliveries Reduction Fund. This will be used to implement a micro-consolidation scheme with deliveries being sent into one location and distributed via low or zero emission electrical vehicles to reduce congestion and pollution. This is a pilot project and first-time scheme from any UK BID. Running for one year initially, it is expected to have a significant impact based on the current estimated rate of around 15,000 trips to and from Bankside by diesel waste vehicles per month.

79% of businesses in the area named air quality improvement measures as a top priority. These programmes are part of Better Bankside’s commitment to deliver air quality initiatives.

Earlier this year, Better Bankside launched the first phase of its Clean Air Mini Neighbourhood project. This included a Metal Box Garden of specially commissioned planted skips and will see the transformation of the historic Keppel Row alleyway into a verdant pedestrian thoroughfare linking Southwark Bridge Road and Great Guildford Street. 

Created Nov 27 2017