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Better Bankside looks at the issue of personal deliveries

Online shopping is on the up, and this has interesting challenges for business operations. Better Bankside have been looking at why, and how they can partner with Parcelly to help provide a solution.

The sun is still beating down but here at Better Bankside we are turning our minds to Christmas. The time is drawing near when people will gradually be starting to think about their Christmas shopping and the streets of London will be filled with an increasing number of delivery vans. Online shopping is on the up, and in 2015 it accounted for nearly one quarter of all Christmas spending, with this looking set to increase again in 2016.

This changing pattern in shopping habits comes with interesting challenges. Put simply, an increase in deliveries can mean an increase in the mileage travelled by delivery vans, with a knock on effect on the quality of the air we breathe, congestion and noise pollution. But it can also have a big impact on the operations of individual businesses. With the mainstreaming of online shopping has come another phenomenon; the missed delivery. To make sure people don’t have the hassle of having to make a trip to their nearest depot, the obvious solution for many has been to have their parcels delivered to their workplace. A recent study in Central London showed that an estimated 30% of deliveries accepted at office premises are personal deliveries for staff.

Particularly for large businesses, this can have a tangible knock-on effect on the number of man-hours required to man the post-room, as well as increased safety, security and air-quality concerns with the number of vehicles coming in and out of the premises. This issue is perhaps most acute over the run up to Christmas, when some larger businesses have reported taking on temporary staff to deal with the increase in deliveries.

However there are options developing on the market and Better Bankside is developing a partnership with one to help businesses address this issue. Parcelly is an expanding network of drop-off points for parcel deliveries that allow people to have their parcels delivered to a convenient location no matter which retailer they are ordering from. The service offers a network of local businesses, such as newsagents or shops, where customers can choose to have their parcel delivered and pick it up from at a time convenient to them. This opens up the possibility of having parcels delivered to locations near home, safe in the knowledge there will be someone there to take the delivery, and without the hassle of carrying the package home.

Better Bankside and Parcelly are partnering to provide a special deal for businesses that want to make this service available to their staff, with the busy Christmas period perhaps being the idea time to give it a trial.

If you’re interested in exploring this for your business you can get in touch with Sophie Tyler (st [at] (subject: Parcelly%20offer) ) or Sam Knight (sk [at] (subject: Parcelly%20offer) )

Created Aug 26 2016