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Better Bankside responds to RV1 bus service reduction

Better Bankside has requested a full consultation from TfL about their recent decision to significantly reduce the RV1 bus service in Bankside

The RV1 bus service plays a crucial role in connecting east to west through Bankside. On 10 February 2018, reductions to the service came into effect which resulted in three buses operating an hour, as opposed to six.

Better Bankside is concerned about how this will impact the local and business community, as well as the economic viability of Bankside and has approached TfL for a full consultation.

Why it matters
Bankside is one of London’s most accessible areas, with major rail heads to the east and west. However the RV1 route provides the only practical alternative to tube for those located in the heart of Bankside centred around Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Street.

Without this essential bus service, Bankside will become less accessible and attractive, directly impacting local business and the local economy. The reduction in service also does not take into consideration the mobility and accessibility of residents, staff, students, visitors and those accessing the local hospital.

The decision contradicts the aims and objectives as set out in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) which directly addresses London’s poor air quality. The RV1 is a hydrogen-fueled bus and it has been noted that in three instances the new service has been replaced with a diesel-fueled bus. The Bankside area has been designated a ‘pollution hot-spot’ by the Greater London Authority, therefore a reduction in hydrogen-fueled buses will only exacerbate local pollution levels.

Next steps
Better Bankside has requested an explanation about why the reduction of the RV1 was undertaken without any wider public consultation from TfL. We have also asked that this decision is paused until a full and proper consultation has taken place.

Created Feb 26 2018