Brand new logo

  • Date Thursday, 2 March 2023
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Kate Turnbull

Eagle-eyed Better Bankside members may have noticed something slightly different about our website and digital communications over the last few weeks. For the first time for a decade we have refreshed our brand to reflect the significant changes that have taken place both internally and externally.

Better Bankside’s previous brand identity was created in 2017 and was a small modification on the logo which had been in place for a decade. From feedback and consultation with staff and members, it was clear that the organisation needed a new look and feel to reflect the modern-day BID.

One aspect of the brand identity that was popular and recognisable was the Better Bankside ‘pink’ which all those who fed back saw as a positive that should remain.

After a competitive tender, London-based B1 Creative was chosen to take the work forward.

The new brand identity includes the pink that Better Bankside is known for, but the tone has been changed to create a deeper and more impactful colour alongside a wider palette of bright new colours. A new addition is an icon which can be used independently as an ident without the wording. The icon reflects the famous Low Line arches which are synonymous with the Bankside neighbourhood, while also more literally being a ‘B’ on it’s side.

As well as new brand colours, B1 Creative has also introduced a graphical language based on the symbols and architecture of the Bankside area. These graphical assets are playful to match the tone of the brand identity, and enhance Better Bankside’s brand outputs in an unusual but creative manner.

Look out for our new brand across the area this Spring and do let us know what you think!