Can your business offer work experience to local secondary school students?

  • Date Monday, 17 June 2024

Haberdashers’ Borough Academy is looking for businesses to help students build their knowledge of the world of work this July.

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Rachel Nicholson

Local secondary school, Haberdashers’ Borough Academy, is looking for businesses to help students build their understanding of different careers and opportunities this July.

Can your business help?

The school is looking for businesses to host Year 10 students on work experience placement from 8th to 12th July.  Work experience can include shadowing people at meetings, helping with admin tasks, and spending time with different teams in your organisation.  Aged 14-15 years old, for many Year 10 students this is the first chance they’ll have had to spend time in a workplace and it is an important step in starting to think about life beyond school.

If you’d like to find out more about this opportunity, or other ways that your business can support careers activities at Haberdasher’s Borough Academy, please get in touch with Rachel Nicholson who can introduce you to the Careers Team at Haberdashers’ Borough Academy.