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Chocoholic guide to gardening

What on earth has chocolate got to do with gardening?
  • Cocoa husks
    Cocoa husks
  • Hmmm...chocolate!
  • Olive Tree in the Market Hall mulched with cocoa husks
    Olive Tree in the Market Hall mulched with cocoa husks
  • The Rabot Estate on Bedale Street
    The Rabot Estate on Bedale Street

Here at Better Bankside we are continuously looking for ways to minimise our environmental impact and to find the most environmentally friendly solution to dispose of our waste. In my role as the Apprentice Gardener for Borough Market and Better Bankside, I have the great opportunity to collaborate and exchange with like minded organisations one of which is Rabot Estate.

Thanks to our good relations with them we are now able to collect and use their waste cocoa bean shells as a mulch in all of our green spaces around Bankside and the Market Hall at Borough Market. This cocoa shell mulch is made from natural renewable resources as a by-product of chocolate manufacturing, it is great for suppressing weeds and holding moisture, also over time it breaks down rotting into the soil improving it's structure. This is one more way that we can reuse, recycle and benefit each other, like they say one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Created Jan 24 2014