Enhancing Phone Theft Awareness: Take Action, Order Your Posters Today

  • Date Monday, 4 March 2024
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Emma Charter

In line with other central London districts, Bankside grapples with a significant challenge: phone theft. Anyone who has had their phone stolen knows it can be quite traumatic and, if nothing else, downright annoying and expensive.

Thieves look out for easy targets; anyone with a ‘weak grip’ of their phone which could easily be snatched. They are less likely to grab something off you if it is tight in your possession since that offers them too much resistance.

Anyone who has a phone that’s out facing down with their headphones in is completely unaware to what’s going to happen – that would be the perfect target. The best people are those standing up with their phones in their hands – we don’t have to get off the bike, we just drive straight past, grab the phone and off we go.” (BBC Three documentary ‘Inside Britain’s Moped Crime Gangs’ 2021)

Better Bankside want to prevent all Banksiders from being the next victim. That is why we proudly present our vibrant and eye-catching posters and leaflets. Designed with colours that pop, our campaign aims to inform without instilling fear.

Order yours for FREE and take a stand against phone theft. Display them and to keep your colleagues, clients, and passers-by vigilant.

Order now:

A3 Posters (yellow)

A4 Posters (green)

Leaflets with prevention tips (pink)

Simply email our Resilience and Crime Reduction Manager, Susanne Nieuwdorp, at SN@betterbankside.co.uk with your company name, address, desired posters/leaflets, and required quantity.