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Filming Scenes for Full Tilt on the Millennium Bridge, 11th August

A message from the production team to residents and businesses

Filming scenes for ‘Full Tilt’ on Millennium Bridge. Sunday 11th August 2013

I am writing to let you know that we will be filming crowd scenes at the Millennium Bridge, on the above date, for our feature film production provisionally entitled “Full Tilt’. Our film is based on an adaptation of a Marvel comic series and the scenes shot on the Bridge will be enhanced, using computer - generated imagery, before appearing in the film.

We will be parking our technical film vehicles around the Tate Modern and most of these vehicles will be brought to their parking spaces after 08.00 on the morning of Saturday 10th August to avoid unnecessary early morning arrivals on our filming day. Our facilities vehicles (hair/make-up/ artiste trailers etcetera) will be parked at an off-road location some distance away.

We will start setting up from 06.00 on Sunday 11th August and have been granted a full pedestrian closure of Millennium Bridge between 07.00 and 09.00 on this day, with further permission given for intermittent pedestrian control over the Bridge from 09.00 – 15.00 . Alternative pedestrian routes have been approved when access to the Bridge is restricted and these detour routes will be clearly marked and marshalled on the day. We will also be taking aerial shots from a helicopter between 09.00 – 13.00 and, again, the same approved routes with temporary pedestrian ‘holds ’ on the bridge and riverside will be used for the short periods of time that the helicopter is in flight over the Millennium Bridge. A camera crane, situated on the South Bank adjacent to Millennium Bridge will also be used during filming.

Police will be attendance for all elements of this shoot on both North & South sides of the Bridge and we will be employing a professional film security company to be in attendance during our time at the location. During the filming period the Location Team and I will be on site to ensure that things run smoothly and that our presence in the area does not cause any undue inconvenience. We would like to thank you in advance for bearing with us and making it possible to film at such a great location. Finally if you would like more information or have any comments, queries or concerns please contact our Production Office at Shepperton Studios . Alternatively information with regard to our filming is available from Southwark Council Film office - contactable by phone on 0207 407 1566 or on e mail via info [at]

Yours faithfully, David Pinnington Supervising Location Manager ‘Full Tilt’

Created Jul 26 2013