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Free paper for businesses

We're developing a 'preferred suppliers' scheme with local businesses to reduce the amount of delivery vehicles in Bankside
Amandeep Kellay
Sustainable Travel Manager

We are offering free brilliant white paper to businesses who are willing to become a better air champion as part of a pilot ‘preferred supplier’ scheme.

85% of businesses in Bankside told us we should be prioritising improving local air quality. In response we are working on a number of initiatives to reduce the number of diesel vehicle trips in Bankside.

The majority of businesses use white printer paper. Many different stationery suppliers are delivering a similar product to the businesses in Bankside. There is an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicle trips by consolidating these deliveries.

Working with Paper Round, our current recycling supplier, Better Bankside will provide 100% brilliant white recycled paper for three months for ten businesses. In return, we ask that you commit to working with Better Bankside to share stationery order history for your business so we can measure the impact of local vehicle trips.

We already work with Paper Round to give Bankside businesses free recycling. Paper Round are also a supplier of stationery and paper. Advances in recycling technology means that your recycling can be returned to you as 100% recycled brilliant white paper. This 'closed-loop' supply chain is fantastic for any office aspiring to be more eco-conscious.

What is the offer?

  • Your first three months' paper for free,
    •       After your first three months, reams of A4 or A3 paper will be at a subsidised discount.
  • An environmentally conscious recycled paper at a bulk-buy price
    •       Save trees, energy, and water, avoid incurring associated CO2 emissions and air pollution. (Even the packaging in 100% recycled!) 
  • Free green delivery service to your business
  • Reporting on comparative savings to virgin paper, which you will be able to use as part of your company's responsible business policy.

We are seeking 10 businesses to work with on this project. Please ak [at] (subject: I'd%20like%20free%20paper%20and%20to%20improve%20air%20quality) (contact Amandeep for more details)

You’ll need to be signed up to our free recycling service to take part. If you are not already, we can set that up quickly and easily. By combining the collection of waste and delivery of the paper, we will be reducing the number of vehicle trips in the area, improving the local air quality.

Better Bankside is a not for profit company, projects and programmes are designed and run for the benefit of the neighbourhood. For more information on us, please click here

Created Jan 29 2019