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Free Pilot Training For Your Junior Staff

Secure a more efficient workforce for the future with free pilot training for your junior staff.

The Great Expectations Group aims to enable companies to develop young adults at early stages in their career to support operational effectiveness. 

They have channelled their experiences into creating a competitive range of courses grouped under 3 streams: Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Self-Management and are keen to work with businesses to map the impact this training can have on employees. 

Their team is made up of professional development specialists with years of experience in designing training and development solutions for corporate organisations within the education, legal, and health services sector. 

If you are interested in free pilot training for your junior staff or have any questions, please email: Mercedes.Brown [at] (subject: Free%20pilot%20training%20for%20junior%20staff) .

A study by PWC shows that by 2020, 50% of the modern workforce will consist of the millennial generation (born between 1980-2000). Companies like GE and Deloitte have begun implementing millennial development programmes to shape young employees. Companies need to act now to secure a more efficient workforce for the future. Early development of young recruits enables companies to develop and maintain a steady pool of high skilled professionals to meet changing business needs. This also helps reduce high turnover among younger members of staff as young adults are more likely to engage with and remain in an organization which offers opportunities for professional development.

In the CBI report Tomorrow’s Growth, employers identified a skills gap between school leavers who enter the workplace. There is a perceived lack of core interpersonal skills and emotional maturity as well as a difficulty to demonstrate lateral thinking. 

Great Expectations is the brain child of Mercedes Brown. After completing her law degree, Mercedes found that although talented and ambitious, many of her peers found it difficult to apply non-cognitive skills within a professional setting. There was also a lack of awareness about the importance of maximizing skills like personal impact and presentation which professionals increasingly use to build and maintain client relations. The workplace is rapidly evolving, processes are becoming automated, and companies are increasingly turning to training solutions to upskill existing employees to meet demand. Why not work with Great Expectations as part of their pilot study and map the difference this training could make to your employees.


Created Nov 19 2015