Frost Fair Fund launched to freeze out homelessness

  • Date Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Better Bankside is working with the Manna Society to raise £5,000 for this vital charity during the Frost Fair.

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Kate Turnbull

New City Hall analysis shows the number of people seen sleeping rough in the capital has increased by 21 per cent year on year. With the cost of living taking its toll, this number is expected to rise.

Bankside’s Frost Fair is working in partnership with local charity the Manna Society who run a day centre for homeless people providing much needed food, hot showers and housing and welfare advice. As the Frost Fair was historically a time to support community and those in need, we are asking Frost Fair diners, drinkers and revellers to ‘pay it forward’, donating to ensure this charity continues to provide this vital service in an extremely challenging time.

£3.50 will pay for the milk for 200 cups of coffee at the centre

£10 will pay for 5 hot dinners

£18.14 was the year of the last ever Frost Fair (until now)

£41 will cover the cost of food for one day at the centre

£70 will cover running costs & utilities for one day.

Donations can be made through the dedicated JustGiving page. The target is £5,000, which is the weight of a small elephant (5000lbs), the symbol and icon of Bankside’s Frost Fair.

Please give what you can. Thank you.