Green Logistics Centre: your new business micro-warehouse and delivery service

  • Date Friday, 23 July 2021

A first for London, our Green Logistic Centre for Bankside businesses will be opening soon…

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We’re unveiling a new Green Logistic Centre for Bankside in August.

This will be a space where local businesses can consolidate their deliveries, reducing the number of polluting vehicle journeys in the neighbourhood. Businesses will be able to reduce costs by ordering items in bulk which will be stored in our Ewer Street arch and delivered by dedicated electric vehicles as required.

We will be able to receive your items directly and businesses can check stock levels via an online system. A micro-logistics facility of this kind, accepting deliveries from any company and operating at a neighbourhood scale will be a first for London.

We will be sharing more information about how the scheme works and the ideal criteria for local businesses looking to use the centre. Keep your eyes peeled for our site visit dates in August which will allow you to see for yourself how the Green Logistic Centre works.

Register your interest now with Sustainable Travel Manager, Amandeep and we’ll get in touch.