Get guidance on submitting a Pavement Licence application

  • Date Thursday, 23 July 2020

Learn more about how to apply for a licence from Southwark Council to place outdoor tables and chairs on certain highways in Bankside.

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As part of the Government’s plans to revive the hospitality industry, new laws and processes have been implemented to support outdoor dining.

The Business and Planning Bill 2020 has been introduced to streamline the process for premises to apply for a street furniture or table and chair licence, which will be known as a pavement licence.

We want to support our licensed businesses to get operations up and running smoothly and have produced additional guidance to help support members through this process, signpost you to relevant information on-line and advise on good practice.

Download our Pavement Licence guide here.

Further guidance has been produced by Southwark Council to help businesses make outside areas more welcoming during the winter.

This new legislation is temporary and applies until September 2021.

A Q&A session with the Highways Licensing team from Southwark Council was held on Thursday 23 July to discuss the new legislation and how it applies to premises in Bankside. A recording of the session is saved here.