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How fit are the foods you eat?

Complement your Speed Walking with a lunch of fit fuel foods!

Fancy some lunch? Incorporate some of these fuel foods. They'll keep you going, and going, and going...

Sweet Potatoes

These are a healthier alternative to the good old white potato, delivering a whole host of vitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and manganese as well as disease-preventing dietary fibre. Starchy carbs like sweet potatoes eaten in combination with lean protein after a workout, act as a catalyst for protein to enter muscle tissue and begin the repair/rebuild process. Sweet potatoes are hypoallergenic and the preferred source of post-workout carbohydrates for many athletes, bodybuilders and regular exercisers who want to keep their energy stores up and body fat down.

Coconut oil

This fat has a high amount of "medium-chained" fats that make it easily digestible, providing a readily available source of energy in the body. Coconut oil naturally increases metabolism, allowing for more energy to be burned by the body and boosts athletic performance. It can also promote healthy thyroid function and removes pancreatic stress


A rich source of potassium, an electrolyte your body needs and loses during exercise. In recent studies bananas were found to be just as helpful in fuelling cyclists during intense exercise as were carbohydrate sports drinks, plus it's also great for preventing muscle fatigue!


Eggs, especially if both yolk and white are consumed, can be an excellent whole-food choice to provide micronutrients and protein. Dietary protein is important because it provides our bodies with amino acids, which can help build muscles and nourish the body. Try eating a few boiled eggs with some carbs within a 45-minute window of working out to help offset the cortisol response and prevent muscle breakdown!

Coconut water

It has a mild coconut flavour and is a natural source of electrolytes. Many electrolyte and sports drinks on the market are full of refined sugars that can contribute to weight gain and diabetes. It can also alleviative the feeling of fullness or bloating that other beverages may cause and therefore interfering with optimal exercise performance. Its a great cure for a hangover too!


This fruit provides healthy doses of fat that an active body will utilize as fuel to power through a grueling day or workout. These are Rich in vitamin C, fibre, vitamin K, folic acid and B6. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and can support the adrenal glands, which can be overworked during times of stress. While B vitamins are responsible for many functions in body, they are most often thought of as the 'stress and energy' vitamins. Your body goes through a lot of (good) stress during a workout, so this is kind of the magic fruit!


A small and tasty snack which provides antioxidants and minimizes inflammation. Consider raisins a healthy carbohydrate option that will provide energy for a longer, harder workout. Eat a small handful just eat plan before you join Bankside Speed Walkers on a lunchtime walk.

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Created Jul 31 2013