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Lighten the load of your incoming deliveries

Let us help your business to streamline deliveries to your premises with a delivery and servicing plan

We are working with local businesses to help them manage the number of deliveries to the office. We have worked with a range of local businesses, including multi-tenanted and single-tenanted buildings, hotels, housing associations and restaurants.  

Interested in knowing how you can minimise unnecessary deliveries to the workplace? You can do so in four easy steps:

  • Data collection: Record incoming and outgoing deliveries for a select period of time. Better Bankside will provide an easy-to-use data collection form.
  • Data review: Better Bankside will review the data and outline how many and the types of deliveries made to your business.
  • Recommendations: Better Bankside will make simple and easy-to-implement recommendations for your business, including quick wins and longer-term goals.
  • Implement recommendations: Better Bankside will work with your business to implement the recommendations.       

Ever wonder how many personal deliveries come into the office? A recent survey undertaken by Better Bankside shows that, on average, 60% of all workplace deliveries are personal deliveries. To help minimise personal deliveries encourage staff to use local ‘Click and Collect’ locations, a convenient, easy and affordable way to manage personal deliveries.

Get in touch for guidance on managing your organisation's deliveries.

Created Jan 4 2018