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Outdoor Advertising Made Easy

Learn more about outdoor advertising and how it could work for your business

To succeed, a brand needs to be recognized and trusted. Outdoor advertising – placing ads on billboards and bus shelters – is the quickest, most efficient way to achieve that. Effective outdoor advertising will catch the eye of passers by, making them instantly connect with the brand. If they’ve seen it before they will remember; if not, they won’t forget.

Outdoor advertising can be pricey and complicated. A business has to find and fund the media space and plan the creative work and printing. It can also be overly expensive: billboards are usually sold in packages of 25 or more. If you are a big brand, you could outsource these responsibilities to media and advertising agencies. But if you’re a small brand, you simply can't afford it.

This is why Signkick was founded. Through Signkick, advertising on billboards and bus-shelters becomes affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. With Signkick, there is no need to buy in packages: you can just buy one billboard or one bus shelter ad. The media rent and printing costs are included in their prices, so booking your advertising becomes hassle-free. And, if required, they can also provide assistance with the design. Their prices start at £300 for 2 weeks.

Find out more by registering for free at

Need advice? Signkick offers all Better Bankside members a free consultation session. Just contact them and they will help you find the outdoor advertising options that best fit your business’s needs.

Want to learn more? Join Signkick on September 4th at the Bankside community space for an outdoor advertising breakfast briefing.

Created Jun 25 2013