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Planting Dos and Don'ts

Our Apprentice Gardener Veronica Perez Diaz gives some expert advice on planting.

Planting should always be about enjoying nature, having fun and getting your hands dirty! So here are some tips I have learnt whilst working as Apprentice Gardener for Better Bankside, that will hopefully make this experience as simple and pleasurable as it should be…


1 - Before planting, make sure to assess your soil type and structure, dig a spade's depth and check how much life is in your soil, a good way to tell if your soil is healthy is to count how many earth worms are in your spadeful of soil, five worms is a great sign!

2 - Choose the right plant for your site, this includes soil type and light conditions.

3 - Think of wildlife whenever you choose your plants, species such as Catnip, Lavender, Red Valerian and Sedum provide a great source of pollen and habitat for beneficial insects, but are also very resilient plants.


1 - Forgetting to break up the soil is an easy mistake to make. After digging a hole for your plant make sure to loosen the soil so the roots can expand properly.

2 - Never plant above the nursery line, that is the line from which you see the stem.

3 - Do not forget to take the after care of your plants into consideration, that includes watering regularly, checking for pests and diseases, deadheading and pruning if needed.

Created Jul 31 2014