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Putting the "buzz..." into Bankside’s streets

While Bankside’s bees and other pollinators may be looking for places to over-winter, we’re busy ensuring that they have rich habitats to forage next spring and summer.

You may start to notice that we have been paying more attention to the smaller green spaces along Bankside’s streets. There are lots of smaller patches of ground, including tree pits in the area, which are just screaming out to be planted up.

In the last month Better Bankside’s Apprentice Urban Gardener, Veronica has been planning and preparing a number of sites for further planting. Forgotten patches of ground on Great Suffolk Street, Redcross Way, Maiden Lane and Hopton Street will go from cigarette butt dumping grounds to lush habitats for Bankside’s butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

Improving Bankside’s biodiversity is at the heart of this project. We’ll be creating spaces that are not only more attractive but a vital resource for urban wildlife, as the RSPB campaign ‘Giving Nature a Home’ says, if you build it they will come!

Green space is scarce in London but through the careful planting up of smaller patches of ground we can make little spaces big players in biodiversity. If you live or work on these streets keep your eyes open for the changes taking place and get in touch if you want to help us make Bankside greener.

Created Oct 29 2013