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RV1/381 to Tate Disabled Access Map

New map showing access to Tate Modern from the RV1/381

Better Bankside is committed to providing world class access links for people of all abilities to help keep Bankside the vibrant and inclusive area that it is.

For the FULL SIZE map follow this link.

We, in partnership with The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign have developed a map that that used the help of Sulaiman Khan to map the best routes from various points in Bankside to the Tate Modern. Sulaiman was able to give the perspective that is so often missed in the development of access maps. The quality of fixed infrastructure such as pavements and dropped curbs is something that able bodied people take for granted – for example if you cross the road, but find that 500m further down, your wheelchair cannot continue because of a thin pavement or a lamp post that means you cannot fit through, or even when the surface is so uneven it is not safe or comfortable to continue. This map therefore has taken into account the all of the factors to; help minimise the journey time between bus stops and the Tate, show where the best paving surfaces are, show which dropped curbs have the easiest angles or approaches for crossing. Better Bankside would welcome any feedback from people of all abilities, on the map or how to improve the access from Southwark Street to the Tate, and throughout Bankside. 

Created Jan 3 2013