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The Bankside Lunch Club

Get lunch delivered directly to your workplace to enjoy with your team and we'll cover the delivery cost.

We've launched a new lunchtime delivery service for those who continue to spend time in their Bankside workplace.

The Bankside Lunch Club will bring food and drink deliveries from a selection of local restaurants, cafes and pubs directly to offices. All deliveries will be made via zero emissions cycle courier and Better Bankside will cover the cost of deliveries to incentivise usage.

How does it work?

If you’re a Bankside based office or workplace and would like to order in lunch or drinks for your team, you can use this service. Please note, there is a £25 minimum spend.

See which businesses are involved below (with more to be announced next week), take a look at their respective menus and then email your order through to the contacts linked below.

When placing your order, please provide your office delivery address, main contact details and confirm what date/time you would like the order to be delivered.

Please also provide the staff member names that go with each order, e.g. Joe Smith – carbonara – tiramisu. This will help the restaurant when packaging up the food and allow minimal contact from other staff members once delivered at your office.

You’ll need to place your order at least 24 hours in advance and make sure to quote ‘Bankside Lunch Club’ when doing so.

Payment will need to be organised between you and the restaurant directly. 

Once the order is confirmed and you’ve shared all the above details, the restaurant will book the cycle courier (Zedify) and arrange the delivery.

* * *

Businesses involved:

  • Macellaio RC Union Street – SEE MENU IN ATTACHMENTS ABOVE
    info-us [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club, body: Thanks%20for%20ordering%20through%20The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club%2C%20please%20provide%20the%20following%20details%20for%20Macellaio%20RC%3A%0A%0AMain%20contact%20details%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20address%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20date%20and%20time%3A%0A%0AOrder%20details%20(with%20corresponding%20staff%20names)%20e.g%20Joe%20Smith%20-%20carbonara%20-%20tiramisu) (Email your order here)
  • Lantana -  SEE MENU
    londonbridge [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club, body: Thanks%20for%20ordering%20through%20The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club%2C%20please%20provide%20the%20following%20details%20for%20Lantana%3A%0A%0AMain%20contact%20details%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20address%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20date%20and%20time%3A%0A%0AOrder%20details%20(with%20corresponding%20staff%20names)%20e.g%20Joe%20Smith%20-%20carbonara%20-%20tiramisu) (Email your order here)
  • Union Viet - SEE MENU
    orders [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club, body: Thanks%20for%20ordering%20through%20The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club%2C%20please%20provide%20the%20following%20details%20for%20Union%20Viet%3A%0A%0AMain%20contact%20details%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20address%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20date%20and%20time%3A%0A%0AOrder%20details%20(with%20corresponding%20staff%20names)%20e.g%20Joe%20Smith%20-%20carbonara%20-%20tiramisu) (Email your order here) 
  • Vapiano Bankside - SEE MENU
    london2 [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club, body: Thanks%20for%20ordering%20through%20The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club%2C%20please%20provide%20the%20following%20details%20for%20Vapiano%20Bankside%3A%0A%0AMain%20contact%20details%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20address%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20date%20and%20time%3A%0A%0AOrder%20details%20(with%20corresponding%20staff%20names)%20e.g%20Joe%20Smith%20-%20carbonara%20-%20tiramisu) (Email your order here)
  • Over the Road Cafe - SEE MENU 
    overtheroadcafe [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club, body: Thanks%20for%20ordering%20through%20The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club%2C%20please%20provide%20the%20following%20details%20for%20Over%20the%20Road%20Cafe%20%0A%0AMain%20contact%20details%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20address%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20date%20and%20time%3A%0A%0AOrder%20details%20(with%20corresponding%20staff%20names)%20e.g%20Joe%20Smith%20-%20carbonara%20-%20tiramisu) (Email your order here)
  • BAO Borough - SEE MENU
    boroughmanagement [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club, body: Thanks%20for%20ordering%20through%20The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club%2C%20please%20complete%20the%20details%20below%20for%20BAO%3A%0A%0AMain%20contact%20details%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20address%3A%0A%0ADelivery%20date%20and%20time%3A%0A%0AOrder%20details%20(with%20corresponding%20staff%20names)%20e.g%20Joe%20Smith%20-%20carbonara%20-%20tiramisu) (Email your order here)

* * *

Important things to note:

The scheme is intended for Bankside offices and workplaces only, the cycle courier will only be able to accept orders within a 2 mile radius.

There is a £25 minimum spend in order to use the service.

Better Bankside will cover the cost for all deliveries made with Zedify directly. You will not have to pay for delivery.

Please arrange payment for the orders with the restaurant directly.

* * *

Why use the service?

  • Something for you and your colleagues to enjoy together as a team
  • You'll be supporting local businesses 
  • There's no delivery cost
  • All deliveries are made with a zero emissions cargo bike

If you have any questions about the service or would like further information, please contact Josephine Clarke, JC [at] (subject: The%20Bankside%20Lunch%20Club)

Created Oct 27 2020