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The Bridge makes changes for Better Air

The Bridge has made some great changes to help bring Better Air to Bankside

As part of our freight reduction programme, we have been working with companies to reduce the number of vehicles in the Bankside area by consolidating and reducing deliveries to businesses. Great results have been seen by The Bridge who, alongside their tenant companies, has taken a proactive approach to reducing their impact by communicating and combining their service providers.

The Bridge identified a single cleaning supplier for the café and the office tenants, reducing cleaning services from 5 suppliers to 2 suppliers (they hope to bring this down to one in the near future), and reduced their sundry suppliers (like milk) from multiple daily deliveries to fewer more consolidated and coordinated orders.

Due to these changes and by encouraging employees to use local collection points for personal deliveries, The Bridge building has been able to see some fantastic improvements. These include 25% reduction in the overall number of vehicles arriving at The Bridge per day, 20% reduction in work-related deliveries/collections, and 47% reduction in the number of personal deliveries between September 2017 and February 2018.

This forms part of our Smarter Travel programme and our ongoing endeavours to bring Better Air to Bankside.


Created Apr 18 2018